Happiness Agenda Programs & Projects Alignment

How will you contribute to the Happiness Agenda roadmap? 

This week, we are sharing with you the full catalogue of Happiness Agenda programs and projects, under the four Happiness Agenda Portfolios: Discover, Change, Educate and Measure. You can read the full list of programs and projects in the confidential document linked here. 

Your task this week is the kick-start of the development of the Happiness Agenda Roadmap, by selecting the Happiness Agenda programs and projects that your entity is well-positioned to own.

Part 1

  1. Identify programs and projects under the Happiness Agenda that are relevant to your entity. 
  2. Rate the relevance of the program or project to your entity on a scale of 1 - 5. 



This week, we will focus on Part 1. Follow the link above to complete a survey to guide you through this activity. During the Happiness Champion Workshop, we will support you in completing Parts 2 and 3 of the assignment. Of course, we encourage you to complete as much of this assignment as possible before we meet, as described below: 

Part 2

Only considering programs or projects which are highly relevant to your entity, determine the following: 

  1. Does this (program or project) already exist in a similar format at your entity? 
  2. Is your entity well-equipped to adopt this (program or project) as a new project for your entity? 

Part 3

  1. Are there any new (programs or projects) which you have thought of, that your entity can lead, that contribute to one of the Happiness Agenda portfolios?