Welcome to week 2! This week, we will be introducing you to the Happiness Meter, a landmark tool to measure the happiness of every resident or visitor to Dubai at customer interaction touchpoints throughout the city. 

You will also receive your first assignment as a Happiness Champion, conducting a case study on the Happiness Meter implementation at your respective entity.

Week 2 Reading

Happiness Meter History

A brief and illustrated overview of the history of the Happiness Meter; the objectives of the Happiness Meter; and a vision for the future of the Happiness Meter product suite.


Complete the Happiness Meter case study

Conduct a short case study on the implementation of the Happiness Meter case study to uncover best practices and generate ideas getting the most value from the Happiness Meter.

Week 2 discussion questions

  1. How can the Happiness Meter (as it is today) become a more powerful tool for positive customer experiences? 
  2. What new features would you add to the Happiness Meter to better capture the happiness levels in Dubai?

Timeline Reminder

July 24th — Introductions & Overview: no assignments

July 31st — Happiness Meter: Conduct Happiness Meter Case study

Aug 7th — Science of Needs: Programs & projects discovery

Aug 14th — Happiness Maturity Model: Complete Happiness Maturity Model

Aug 21st — Happiness Agenda Programs & Projects: Programs & projects alignment

Sept 1st — Workshop 1