Welcome to Week 4!

This week, we will be introducing you to the Happiness Maturity Model, a customised evaluation metric designed to help any organisation in the city determine how embedded happiness is in its corporate culture and strategy. The Happiness Maturity Model is tool a to uncover both the depth and breadth of happiness-centric decision making at an entity. The Happiness Maturity Model will be an important tool in planning our approach, and evaluating our progress.

This week, you will be tasked with assessing your organisation’s position on the Happiness Maturity Model. Your list of happiness-related initiatives, program and projects at your entity, identified during week 3, will be extremely helpful in conducting the evaluation. 

Week 4 Readings

Happiness Maturity Model Worksheet

A detailed, example-filled worksheet that deconstructs the Happiness Maturity Model. An essential tool for completing your Happiness Maturity Model Assessment.

Introducing the Happiness Maturity Model

An introduction to the structure and purpose of the Happiness Maturity Model, a critical tool is evaluating and tracking our progress towards our goal for making Dubai the happiest city on earth.

Week 4 Task

Happiness Maturity Evalution

Assess the Happiness Maturity level of your entityUsing the Happiness Maturity Model worksheet as your guide, evaluate the happiness maturity level entity.


Week 4 Discussion

  1. What are some challenges your entity is facing in promoting happiness? How can you help overcome these challenges?
  2. What can you do as an employee, a customer and a resident to increase happiness for yourself and others in your daily life?

Timeline Reminder

July 24th — Introductions & Overview: no assignments

July 31st — Happiness Meter: Conduct Happiness Meter Case study

Aug 7th — Science of Needs: Programs & projects discovery

Aug 14th — Happiness Maturity Model: Complete Happiness Maturity Model

Aug 21st — Happiness Agenda Programs & Projects: Programs & projects alignment

Sept 1st — Workshop 1